Siren Song | Rock Salt & Driftwood

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A voyage on the high seas: the murmur of waves, salt and brine in the air, an irresistible call rising from the depths

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Fragrance notes: ozone, seaweed, water lily, driftwood, amber, patchouli

A strong and refreshing marine scent that will evoke memories of coastal walks and seaside day trips.

In Greek mythology, sirens were mystical, dangerous creatures who lured sailors to their deaths with the enchanting sound of their singing voices. They are usually portrayed as mermaid-like figures, with the body of a woman and the tail of a fish.

About the candle

  • 140ml jar, with approx burn time of 25 hours 
  • Made with 100% soy wax, a cotton wick and high quality fragrance oils
  • Ideal for smaller rooms such as bedrooms, dorms or studies.
  • Vegan, paraffin-free and eco-friendly 
  • Hand-poured in London in small batches. Please note that colour and scent can vary slightly between batches.
  • For best results, burn your candle for 2-3 hours on first burn, or until the melted wax pool reaches the edge of the jar
  • Glass jars can be recycled or upcycled. Simply melt and throw away any remaining wax and clean out the jar with warm, soapy water. 

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1 review for Siren Song | Rock Salt & Driftwood

  1. Gabriela

    I’ve bought a few candles from this store and they are all good, but this is definitely my favourite one. I burned through it in record time. Highly recommended!

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