candle maker

Hello! I’m Annmarie, owner of Chai Lights Co and lover of books, candles and all things magical.

I’ve always been fascinated by stories, which is why I became a writer. Stories are how we preserve the past. They’re how we pass down pieces of ourselves to future generations.

My favourite stories have always been those full of adventure, love and magic. Stories of wise kings, cunning magicians and brave dragon tamers. Stories that grip you by the heart and refuse to let go even after the last page. So to all those who say that magic isn’t real, isn’t the act of storytelling a little bit magical in itself?

Chai Lights Co is very much a passion project. Started from my kitchen table in London, I thought to myself: what would a real-life fantasy novel smell like?

From there, I decided to create spellbinding designs and fragrances that would capture the mythic beauty of our ancient storytelling history.

I make each and every candle by hand in small batches. Have a look at the video opposite to see my process, and learn more about the beautiful art of candle-making. 

Thank you for visiting my little internet sanctum. I hope my candles will make meaningful gifts for you or your loved ones, and be a source of inspiration and comfort.