For lovers of warming, spiced fragrances

Cinnamon Forest is a classic favourite, with strong, spicy notes of cinnamon blended with clove and pine.

Pumpkin Harvest is your go-to autumn scent, with a sweet creamy pumpkin base and lashings of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger.

For fans of florals and fruits

First Light is a bright, sweet mix of peonies, violets, and jasmine with twists of fruity red apple. The perfect scent to herald in spring.

Thornfield Hall is the ultimate lavender scent, with hints of eucalyptus, bergamot and patchouli. A hopeful, optimistic scent to remind us of our favourite strong-willed heroine.

Star-crossed has a beautiful fresh scent of rose and geranium, reminiscent of rose gardens in full bloom. The perfect tribute to Romeo’s undying love for his dear Juliet.

If you like your candles as fresh as a winter morning

Ancient Woodland is the one for you. A potent, refreshing blend of pine, fir needles and oakmoss with sweet hints of wildflowers and citrus, this scent will transport you straight into the heart of an evergreen forest.

Siren song is a fresh marine scent of rock salt and driftwood, with notes of ozone, seaweed, waterlily and amber. The perfect scent to remind you of coastal walks by the ocean.

If you like dark, musky scents

The Alchemist is a dark, mystical blend of frankincense and myrrh, with nuances of musk and florals. Heady and luxurious, this scent is reminiscent of sweet incense. Beware, it’s quite addictive.

The Dragon Rider is a smoky, woody fragrance that’s quite masculine and exotic. Reminiscent of a campfire, with hints of geranium and musk.

Castle Library is a musky, warm blend of dark honey, amber, spices, sandalwood and tobacco leaf. Rich and luxurious, this is a scent that always makes me think of old books.

Nevermore has floral top notes of patchouli and a rich, chocolatey base of coca. It’s not too sweet, but it’s a unique scent that will evoke the gothic atmosphere of Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous work, ‘The Raven.’

If you like your candles to smell good enough to eat

The Storyteller is a sweet, creamy blend of hazelnut and coffee. The hazelnut notes come out strongest. A nutty, delicious treat.

Liquid Courage is buttery beer blended with toffee and vanilla, making for the ultimate dessert candle. This fragrance makes me think of sticky toffee pudding – rich, creamy, sweet and 100% delicious. 

Still can’t decide? That’s okay, why not try a few! With free shipping on orders over £35, you can afford to treat yourself.